MODULE I - 4 weeks

We will learn about:

  • The Holy Spirit

  • The Church

  • The communion of saints

  • The forgiveness of sins

  • The resurection of the body

  • The life everlasting

Sun, March 12 @ 11:30am
The Apostle’s Creed – The Holy Spirit 

Q84 Who is the Holy Spirit?
Q85 What principal names does the New Testament give to the Holy Spirit?
Q86 What are the particular ministries of the Holy Spirit?
Q87 How does the Holy Spirit strengthen you for life in Christ?
Q88 How do you receive the Holy Spirit?
Q89 What is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?
Q90 What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Q91 Why does the Holy Spirit give such gifts?  

Sun March 19 @ 11:30am
The Apostle’s Creed – The Church and Communion of Saints

Q92 What is the Church?
Q93 How does Holy Scripture teach you to view the Church?
Q94 Why is the Church called the Body of Christ?
Q95 What are the “marks” or characteristics of the Church?
Q96 In what sense is the Church “one”?
Q97 Why is the Church called “holy”?
Q98 Why is the Church called “catholic”?
Q99 Why is the Church called “apostolic”?
Q100 Who are the saints?
Q101 What does the word “communion” mean?
Q102 What is the “communion of saints”?
Q103 How do you participate in the communion of the saints?
Q104 How are the Church on earth and the Church in heaven joined in worship?  

Sun March 26 @ 11:30am
The Apostle’s Creed – The Forgiveness of Sins

Q105 What are sins?
Q106 How does God respond to human sin?
Q107 How does God forgive your sins?
Q108 How should you respond to God’s forgiveness?
Q109 What is grace?
Q110 For what purpose does God give you grace?
Q111 Can you earn God’s grace?
Q112 Is God’s grace only for your religious or spiritual life?
Q113 Does God give grace only to Christians?  

Sunday April 2 @ 11:30am
The Apostle’s Creed – The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting

Q114 What does Holy Scripture tell you about your body?
Q115 Why will you die?
Q116 what is the resurrection of the body?
Q117 What do you know about the resurrected bodies of believers?
Q118 How should you live as your await the resurrection of your body?
Q119 What do you know about the unending resurrected life of believers?
Q120 How should you live in light of this promise of unending life?